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Kumkumadi Face Serum with Kumkumadi Oil and Saffron Extract for Spotless Skin – 30ml

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Benefits: Skin brightening, Treats acne, Moisturizes the skin, Gives an Natural glow , Heals damaged and inflamed skin, Reduces dark spots, pigmentation and blemishes.

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Product Description:
Kumkumadi Face Serum is certainly a good skin-healing formulation. Wives of sages used this formula over 100 years ago to enhance their skin quality and look radiant. Imagine that secret being in your closet now! The Kumkumadi Face Serum not only contains all of the traditional and natural extracts, but it is also made in the manner described in the texts! Most of the extracts used are self-cultivated as well. The process takes days, but the results make it all worth it. We bring the original Kumkumadi serum that contains only natural ingredients, no chemicals, and is made using traditional methods! Cheery on the top? It contains flaxseed oil, not sesame oil, which makes it perfect for all skin types.

Why Is It Special?
• 100% pure and natural.
• Flaxseed oil is used as base oil.
• Clinically proven anti-aging.
• Used as Sunscreen.
• Lightens & Brightens skin.
• Skin hydration naturally.
• An effective remedy for multiple skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

Ingredients: Pomegranate seed oil, Kumkumadi oil, Saffron extract.

Direction To Use:

  • Clean you face with cleanser.
  • Apply toner on your face.
  • Add 2-3 drops of serum on your face and gently massage it.
  • Massage it for 3-4 minutes then wash it off in the morning.
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30 ml

1 review for Kumkumadi Face Serum with Kumkumadi Oil and Saffron Extract for Spotless Skin – 30ml

  1. Raam

    Amazing product of ARZA naturals… Money worth product.

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