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Beard Comb

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Product Description:
Historically, hair has been described in Chinese medicine as the ends and odds of blood. Healthy blood circulation can stimulate healthier facial hair growth.

A study shows that beard combs can look and feel incredible with our beautifully crafted beard comb. With its gentle curves and satisfying weight, our Neem beard comb feels great in your hand. With both fine and wide teeth, it is ideal for combing beards and moustaches. Our lab has tested for quality and has experienced qualified exploration.

By using this comb, you can experience the joy of acne-free skin, as Neem has an anti-inflammatory property that helps reduce acne, nourishes the skin, treats fungal infections and also treats wounds. Beard brushes typically come with two types of bristles: natural and synthetic. However, we have designed our beard comb with pure neem extract with the help of nature’s goodness.

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In stock

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Dimensions 9 × 6.3 × 2 cm

1 review for Beard Comb

  1. Anand

    Been using it for a month now.. the most interesting part is that its very handy and I can carry it around all the time. Extremely helpful to use right before meetings and presentations !!!

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