We usually exfoliate our skin to get a smooth, even complexion. But what about when it comes to getting silky lips?

Our lips, like the skin on our faces and bodies, may become extremely dry and flaky, therefore exfoliation is essential. Simply put, a lip exfoliator can aid in the removal of dead skin cells from the lips, resulting in a smoother lipstick application and more pleasant lips. Our lips are exposed to a lot. They’re subject to fluctuating weather conditions, and the breakdown effects of food, beverages — even our own saliva. Lip scrubs are a subset of the more well-known body scrubs. Why not use the body/face scrub to exfoliate your lips as well? As previously said, lips are highly delicate, and using the wrong products can cause dryness, tear, and discolouration Lip scrub, like any other scrub, has exfoliant, which is a solid, crystallised component such as sugar/coffee granules, and emollient, which is a moisturising base product such as oils and butter. Lips that have been thoroughly exfoliated absorb moisturising substances like lip masks and lip balms better Why should you use a lip scrub for your lips Lip scrub would be an excellent complement to any self-care or pampering session, as we frequently overlook our lips. They may be a delight for your chapped, dry lips, which, let us face it, can be a pain at times! Lip scrubs are necessary for both the cosmetic minimalist and the beauty maven. Apart from soothing your lips, they also serve as a wonderful basis. Lip scrubs, generally made from physical abrasives such as apricot pits, sugar, or microbeads, work by manually removing dead or peeling skin from the lips. While the initial results may feel satisfying, the use of manual exfoliators on your delicate lips skin can have immediate and long-lasting consequences. For some, immediately after use, the dead skin that is ripped away can cause redness, irritation, or bleeding. Long-term, these abrasives can cause damage through micro-tearing which prolongs your suffering with dry, chapped lips. Using a chemical lip exfoliator which includes ingredients such as fruit enzymes, organic extracts and hyaluronic acid is much gentler on your lips, and while it’s a more progressive way of treating chapped lips, it also addresses the underlying issues that can cause dry lips in the first place. Chemical exfoliations, allow the skin to heal naturally, revealing softer, smoother lips.

How to Use Lip Scrub

Dermatologists and estheticians strongly recommend not using a lip scrub if you are experiencing dry, peeling, or flaking skin on the lips. In this scenario, gentle care goes much further than rough, harsh, abrasive exfoliators and lip scrubs. When you use a lip scrub, you are tearing away skin that may still be attached to your lips, as well as creating new tears that can cause scabbing, dryness, and additional skin issues.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Lips?

While lip scrubs cause more harm than good, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the skin on your lips exfoliated and hydrated for a plumper, healthier appearance. By using a lip scrub 2-3 times a week, you will be able to proactively prevent any new damage to your lips, while leaving the mask on overnight helps to immediately repair the moisture barrier of your lip’s skin, and heal any dry, chapped skin you may have.

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